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Secure Your family with KLM AXIVA Health Care

KLM Axiva Healthcare is built on strong ethics, enduring relationships, and an undeniable passion for what we do. KLM offers the best health insurance plans for family, individuals and senior citizens with comprehensive coverage. Care for your health with our affordable premiums. Our team of highly qualified employees will match each client's needs with available insurance solutions. Health insurance covers your medical bills, including catastrophic illnesses, based on the coverage you choose. In this case, the insurance company covers the expenses associated with the disease and covered by the policy in place of monthly premium payments.

Secure your health. Changing lifestyles are causing diseases with expensive and prolonged treatments. A Health insurance plan helps cushion your family finances from unexpected large medical expenses.

Your Future Protected.Health Insurance Policy can save you from spending life savings on your hospital bills. Health Insurance policy would take care of your hospitalization from the financial aspect. There is a wide range of network hospitals covered under KLM.

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Affordable Premium

KLM provides you with the most affordable plans covering your family. We care for your health.

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Tax Benefit

Avail tax benefits under section 80D of Income tax Act 1961 on the premium you pay towards your health policy.

Insurance Features

  • Insurance coverage up to Rs 3 lakhs for treatment admitted to hospital for illnesses and accidents.

  • Very Less documentation and affordable premium.

  • Cashless treatment facility is available in more than 9000 hospitals.

  • 100% of the total cost of hospital treatment is covered.

  • Medical expenses due to accidents are covered from the date of taking the policy and other illnesses after 30 days.

  • 30 days of treatment costs before admission to the hospital and 60 days of follow-up treatment costs after discharge.

  • Rs 500 per day will be paid to those accompanying the patient admitted to the hospital for more than three days.

  • Income Tax Benefit - Under Section 80 D, income tax relief is available.

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